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Lazercor Services

We are property specialists. We are project specialists.

Project Integration Management

A comprehensive understanding of strategy and vision coupled with years of experience allows Lazercor to manage the entire project by integrating all the different aspects into a cohesive project plan.

Rezoning and Subdivision Applications

A risk no developer can afford to ignore, as the current legislation demands transparency of the process, which gives the public the power to approve or disallow the development.

Project Human Resources Management

Establish the roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships between participating organisations for the project. Promote a project team spirit, which enhances project performance.

Project Risk Management

A complete risk assessment is carried out for the project and a strategy is agreed upon. Close monitoring ensures minimal risk.

Project Time Management

Develop a master programme integrating the interdependencies of planning, design and construction with regular reviews.

Project Cost Management

Prepare budgets both in accounting and quantity surveying formats, monitor and control on a monthly basis.

Monthly Reporting

Report on all aspects of the project on a monthly basis, ensuring that clients are well informed and thus empowered them to make meaningful decisions.

Project Communication Management

Establish procedures to facilitate effective change management.

Project Scope Management

This involves breaking down the scope of the project into a manageable structure, encompassing professional services and construction, and the monitoring thereof.


All projects require some form of finance albeit development / end user / subsidy / own funding. Lazercor will prepare the finance applications, thus minimizing the risk of delays.

Legal Conveyancing

Ensure that the legal aspect of the development is taken care of, as well as the successful financing of pre-sales, thus ensuring transfer of responsibility at the exit.

Project Efficiency

By tapping into the Lazercor experience project efficiency is assured where value is added for all stakeholders, which is the ultimate success.

Project Procurement Management

Establish a procurement procedure, which minimizes risk and maximizes performance.

Project Quality Management

Institute a quality management plan suitable for the project.

Health and Safety

Manage the entire process as is required by the Occupational Health Safety Act.

Marketing and Sales

Two distinctive varying functions within the project, requiring a strategy based on sound experience which will ensure the exit strategy.


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